track Ain't Nobody Home
artist Howard Tate
album Get It While You Can: The Complete Legendary Verve Sessions

We got the sad news today that Jerry Ragovoy, famed soul producer and songwriter, has died.

We’re remembering Ragovoy right now for his work with Howard Tate. Jerry Ragovoy produced Tate’s 1966 debut album as well as his 2001, Grammy-nominated comeback album, recorded after Howard Tate’s long disappearance from the music scene.

Ragovoy wrote many soul hits, including Lorraine Ellison’s “Stay With Me,” Garnet Mimms’ “Cry Baby,” and Irma Thomas’ “Time Is On My Side.” But we wanted to share another song he wrote, called “Ain’t Nobody Home,” which Ragovoy recorded Howard Tate singing in a New Jersey living room studio in 1966.

In the liner notes for the rerelease, Jerry Ragovoy wrote this about the record:

Howard personalized those songs so well, there is a perception that the songs are autobiographical about me or biographical about him. That’s hardly the case. All you do is live your life and experience humanity, no matter what the level is - happiness, joy, sadness, heartbreak - and you put together the song drawing on the experience or an observation.

Listen to more of Jerry Ragovoy’s experienced soul songs here.

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